There is nothing quite like natural wood. Each piece of wood is truly one of a kind, a unique
slice of history. Wood is strong and beautiful, warm and familiar, always distinctly individual.
MAAST builds wooden furniture that celebrates those qualities and respects the natural origins
of the material.

Wood, like any other natural and porous material, continues to absorb and release humidity
throughout its life. Therefore all MAAST’s solid wood products require an interior space with
stable climate and humidity conditions. Occasional imperfections may occur and will contribute
to the charm of MAAST’s furniture. Variations in wood grain, texture and colour, knots and other
naturally occurring characteristics are inherent to solid wood. All our furniture is made of solid
wood and has been designed for indoor use.

MAAST aims to provide you with durable and sustainable products that are long-lasting in terms
of their design and function.
Smart living.
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